Why Choose Software Testing as a Career?

Every profession has its own distinctive qualities. Every profession has its benefits and drawbacks. Not everyone is suited for every profession. There are now a growing number of career options available in the sector. Every day more career options are made available in the IT sector thanks to emerging markets and new industry developments.


Software testing was not significant in the 1990s, a time when software development was in high demand.   However, as the use of computers grows, so does the demand for and accessibility of software, and this causes a greater need for testers because system failures can be avoided if testing is done early on during the development stages. Companies then recognize the value of testing and the need for testing. There are some misconceptions about software testing as a profession.


  • Development outweighs testing.
  • Growth and the package size are restricted.
  • Testing is preferred by those who lack development skills.


These testing-related myths from the past are no longer true. Here’s why:


For the IT sector, development is crucial and of utmost importance. How will the IT sector survive without innovation and new languages?

Tests are the same way. A layman cannot perform testing. A tester must possess strong analytical abilities.  He must have effective communication skills for reporting and a solid grasp of quality to comprehend the new software.


Testing career growth is nearly identical to that of development.  Tester will become Test Trainee, Junior Test Engineer, Senior Test Engineer, Test Architect,QA Lead/Test Lead, QA Manager/Test Manager, Quality Head, Delivery Head. Early in your career, salaries may be lower, but as you gain experience, testers’ salaries are comparable to those of developers.  Many companies give automation testers higher pay than developers.


It’s a common misconception that testers are illiterate in programming and other languages. Automation testers write their codes to automate the scripts.


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