What Can I do After B.Tech in Computer Science?

Earning an engineering degree is a tremendous achievement. If you are an engineering graduate, there are countless profession and life opportunities available to you when you graduate. Through our training and certification programmes, Graplabs assists you in realizing your aspirations if you are unclear of what to do after your BTech.

Students majoring in MCA or Btech CSE computer science have a wide range of employment choices in the IT industry to select from.

 The student’s area of interest will determine this. Students have the option of pursuing advanced degrees such as an MBA or a Mtech.

The student can pursue a Mtech degree to improve their development skills, or they can pursue an MBA degree to give their degree a management focus. Everything is dependent on the student’s interest. It is always advised to work in the field before continuing your education.

Our educational system places a strong emphasis on building a student’s foundation and is largely filled with theoretical knowledge.

Our educational system was created with consideration for all student kinds, including highly clever, average, and low-level learners. In light of this, everyone has a place in our educational system.

However, in the business world, they require students who can fulfil their requirements.

Students who are specialists in their fields are needed for project development and testing. Students must therefore acquire something unique that could improve their skills to accomplish benchmark in order to achieve that degree of expertise

Graplabs assists you in obtaining the six months of industrial training that is a requirement for your Btech degree.

GrapLabs is a facility with ISO certification. whose principal goal is to prepare students for the workplace.

Since Graplabs has more than 15 decades of experience in the industry, we are aware of its shifting requirements and exclusively educate our students for them.


So What professions are available following a B.Tech.?

Once more, it is determined on the student’s interest. Whether  the student’s enthusiasm in coding, project development, detail analysis, or superior analytical ability.

You require pragmatic language competence if you’re interested in programming and development. Graplabs offer excellent experience with languages like Python and Java, among others.

Here at Graplabs, we cover a plethora of training and certification programs designed to help you establish a professional future in some of the top organization’s worldwide if you have an interest in in-depth analysis and analytical abilities.

At Graplabs, we offer testing expertise that is in practice. Our manual testing and mobile IOS/Android manual testing courses are designed specifically for the business’s specific requirements. We also assist them in acquiring employment.

We emphasise on automation testing in our courses like Automation Selenium-Java Training and Selenium.

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