Manual Testing Training Course for Beginners

In the manual testing training course, test cases are carried out manually without the aid of any automated tools. According to the viewpoint of the end user, the tester manually executed all test cases. It verifies whether the application performs the functions described in the requirement document. Planning and execution of test cases allows for nearly complete software application completion. Additionally, test case reports are managed manually. The objective of manual testing training is to construct test cases and scenarios based on either experience-based (error guessing techniques) or specification-based (black-box techniques), while also assuring configuration management, risk management, and defect management.

For novices, Graplabs offers manual testing training course. In Graplabs, we gave the students training in the manual testing methods. Graplabs provides practical manual testing experience on active projects. Additionally, Graplabs instructs the learner on the various testing options and how to apply them to real-world applications.

Graplabs drives you to become knowledgeable about the testing life cycle, testing methodologies, software testing techniques, traceability matrix, test case creation, test case section and matrices, test case design technique, defect detection, defect life cycle, severity of defects, defects reports, and finally defect tracking tools. These techniques will help you comprehend every single aspect of manual testing. Once the learner has gained proficiency   in manual testing we at Graplabs will concentrate on Selenium as part of Automation Testing, Agile scrum training/project management  tools, load and performance testing.

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