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ISTQB Training Centers Course Objective:

Graplabs provides ISTQB training and also provides the latest ISTQB training materials that will help you to pass out the ISTQB exams. International Software Testing Qualifications Board is a globally recognized software testing certification board that provides testing certifications to professionals. As of Dec 2021, ISTQB has administered over 1.1 million exams and issued more than 806k certifications in over 130 countries. ISTQB certified testers are recognized globally in the IT industry and it helps employers validate their testing knowledge. The certifications are based on a syllabus prepared by industry experts that evaluates testing skills for testers. It helps to develop, extend, and validate testing skills.

Course Content

  • Entry-level Certification for software testers
  • Designed to test the knowledge and skills in following areas:
    • Testing principles and terminology
    • Testing process
    • Testing techniques
    • Test documentation
    • Test environment
    • Test management
  • Anyone who is involved in software testing, including:
      • Software testers
      • Quality assurance engineers
      • Software developers
      • Project managers
      • Business analysts
  • Become Certified Software Testing
  • Having this certification can give you an advantage over other job seekers
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Align your skills with industry standards
  • Testing principles and terminology
  • Testing process
  • Testing techniques
  • Test documentation
  • Test environment
  • Test management

The ISTQB Foundation Level exam is a multiple-choice exam with 40 questions. The exam duration is 2 hours.

We will conduct a number of mock tests to help you prepare for the ISTQB Foundation Level exam

  • There are 3 main streams :

  • Core” stream – This module covers the basic software testing knowledge. Testers are required to understand the concept on a broad level. It
    is valid for any technology, methodology or application domain. This is also called the Foundation level.
  • Agile” stream – This module specifically tests skills for the Agile methodology.
  • Specialist” stream – This module is the most advanced where a professional is required to understand and implement the concepts. Below knowledge that is required:
  • All quality attributes involving functional and non-functional
  • Specific Test approach for web/mobile/apps/hybrid applications
  • All test activities such as documentation review, test planning, test design, defect reporting, automation framework, test metrics, and reporting.
  • There are three main levels:

    • Foundation
    • Advanced
    • Expert
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